We Value Your Safety - Safety Advice for Online Dating

We aim to offer you a safe dating experience for all our members and we make every effort to provide security to your personal contact details. Whilst we appreciate that meeting a complete stranger can be exciting and exhilarating we must also point out the down sides.

We at We Dating have a moral responsibility to make you aware of the potential problems and risk factors you should take into account before you agree to divulge any of your personal contact details or especially if you decide to meet anyone from this or any other online dating or chat site.

Whilst the vast majority of on-line users are legitimate, genuine and seeking a date or wishing to participate in on-line enjoyment activities such as chat, messaging or actually meeting someone, there are a few people who are not so nice.

We want to make you aware on some unscrupulous people that use on-line dating sites including We Dating for the wrong reasons. These people are either Scammers seeking to extort money from you and occasionally Predators who seek to find innocent or naive persons for perverse reasons.

Never agree to give money to anyone

There have been cases with some on-line dating sites before where such individuals have used the medium to extract your personal details by pretending to be interested in you and then making demands upon you for small amounts of money at first. If you're foolish enough to agree they will try to persuade you to send more and have no intention of repaying you or interested in you as a person for any other reason. These people are known as 'scammers' and we urge you to NEVER agree to give any money to an on-line person unless you have met them and know them sufficiently enough to trust them and we urge you to REPORT any such member to our SUPPORT TEAM.

Beware some people will lie

Please be aware that some members may not be exactly who they claim to be, as we cannot vet any member that registers as was the case with you, we cannot be held responsible for people who deliberately register with false information such as age or even gender or location. Our registration process is not verified by any legitimate document so you must be very careful about your own personal information or personal safety.

To help protect you we have compiled some safe on-line dating tips for you

Trust must be earned

Be wary of people you have never met before and take your time to get to know them. You would be very wary of picking up people late at night in your car if you were alone so the same goes for on-line dating. Learn to trust your instincts, if you feel at any point uncomfortable or unsafe about a member's actions towards you then PLEASE IGNORE THEM and walk away. If you would like to report some activity that concerns you then contact our SUPPORT TEAM.

Be aware of inconsistencies in their profiles, conversations with you such as dates. Try to keep a mental or written record of some exchanges of information about that person's background, age, month of birth, year, married, single, divorced, children ages or names etc, type of work. By re asking the same question on subsequent chats you receive a different answer this should sound alarm bells that maybe the person isn't who he or she say they are.

If someone appears to be too good to be true they probably are

Keep safe by always communicating solely via this dating portal, instant messaging, chat facilities and look out for 'odd' behavior or inconsistencies.

Never give out your full name, address or telephone number

This seems obvious thing to do but it's easy to become lulled into a false sense of security and placing trust in people who may not be who they claim to be. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Once a person who has malicious intent has gained your real name and contact details it is easy for them to see where you live on Google Street Maps, obtain information about your home, value and even more information for those who can use your personal details such as your income or to falsify your ID or use the data.

We Dating uses anonymous email and chat systems where none of your online personal information is available to other members. We retain this information for security and for your personal safety reasons only. We urge you to only send emails to members via our systems online and take your time to get to know people to develop a more trusting relationship.

Always be on your guard and be cautious and not carefree

Some people who purport to be your friend or express an interest in you could be attempting to get to know you to try to 'SCAM' you these could be in the form of illegal advertisements, giving you links to dubious websites, or claiming to be in trouble or in need of your help. Your PC could be at risk from viruses, spyware or other coded messages intent on attaching themselves to your hard drive or email account to piggy back your email to send spam that could result in your email account being closed or suspended through no fault of your own.

Be extremely wary of members who claim to be in the UK yet telling you they are in a different country or visiting family etc. Be especially aware of African scammers who trawl dating web sites from internet cafes who claim to be a female who is 'Real', Sincere and loving, Genuine God fearing person, they are more likely to be an African male scammer trying to be pretend to be a young female looking for a European male friend or partner. If you believe the person contacting you fits the descriptions ignore them and REPORT them to our SUPPORT TEAM to enable us to close their account or try to block them. Make sure you know how to save copies of your online dating conversations.

Read to take the next step

If you feel ready to take the conversation to the next level then you should check the person out by viewing them via a cam link to check out appearances, and also use free online talk though you're PC to simultaneously see and hear the person. If there still maintains a genuine interest between you then you may want to take the next step if you feel safe.

Meet somewhere in public - be safe

Please, Please always agree to meet someone in a public place first time, NEVER agree to meet someone in a private place away from other people. You safety is our priority. To reduce your risk ensure you agree to meet in a place YOU feel comfortable with, such as shopping Mall or, Railway station concourse, Public place that is well lit and that will be populated with people and most likely CCTV monitoring.

Tell a good friend where you are going and who you will be meeting

Lone females are more at risk and we urge all ladies to take extra precautions and perhaps even ask a good friend to accompany you on the first meeting which should be perhaps nothing more than a coffee and a chat to let you feel more at ease with the person.

Always arrive their earlier than scheduled to check out the rendezvous point and perhaps wait to monitor the person arrive and decide to meet or not as you decide. Never agree to let a stranger you have been chatting online pick you up from home or take you home until you are really sure about them.

Drink responsibly and keep safe, we all know that alcohol relaxes ones resolve and will make you more carefree and probably careless. Always make sure your mobile phone is well charged and you have credit. Once the meeting takes place if you feel at any time uncomfortable or nervous, make the excuse to use the bathroom or seek help from a bystander or shop or make a phone call to ask for help.

A true person will always understand if you feel uneasy and will be happy to part company.

Follow common sense and do have fun

We only seek your enjoyment and hope you're not scared off by our cautionary notes as we truly wish you every success in your participation of We Dating website and we know you will have fun if you follow our safety tips.