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Anyone who's been looking for love at anytime in their life will tell you that invariably it comes along in the most unexpected places, when you're least expecting it and often when you're not really looking for it, and when you are looking for love, invariably it's impossible to come by.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to find love, especially when they have left school and university is a total lack of options, as those in the social group who are meant to be together end up in relationships, and the rest start to fall into relationships with those from outside the group they have met elsewhere.

As the group start spending less time going out, and more time having dinner parties or nights in, you're window of opportunity to meet new people will also start to evaporate, and you'll find that the struggle you feel will make the situation worse as you meet new people.

Online dating however offers you the chance to meet people in a similar situation, and breaks down the boundaries offered by social groups and the places you work. Suddenly you have access to a range of people you previously would never have met through your standard walks of life.

There are a lot of people who use online dating websites to help them make friends and contacts in a new area, especially when they have had to move to a new town because of work and don't know anyone in the area.

By using online dating you are suddenly exposed to a whole network of members who are looking for love, are currently single and who would like to get to know new people. You may not find love the first time but the chances are you'll get to meet some really interesting new people, make some new friends and try things you may not have tried before.

Many members on our dating site have revealed that they have tried new foods, gone to a different type of film to the ones they normally watch with their friends, tried dance classes, ice skating and even golf as a result of dates organised through our sites and have all been pleasantly surprised by how much they have enjoyed getting to know the other person through their interests.

Posted on 2nd Feb 2012