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Registering with an online dating website may have been one of the most nerve wracking things you've ever done, and having searched the other members for someone you like the look of, you'll then be faced with talking to them for the first time.

Once you've got to know each other a bit, a date will be mentioned, and this is where the nerves can really start to hit. What do you suggest? What is good first date protocol? What do you do on a second date?

Here at WeDating we have tried to put together a list of dating ideas to help you break the ice and get your first date off to a good start.

There are many different things you can do for a first date, and a lot of it will depend on both your location, your access to transport and the weather.

Driving Range Date

One date which is sure to help break the ice is a visit to the driving range, followed by dinner and a drink. You don't need to be particularly in to golf, but helping someone to swing a golf club is a great way of getting to know them, and of showing your caring side.

Picnic in the Park

Many of the largest cities, towns and indeed villages in the UK have parks, many of them beautiful. Suggest a picnic in the park, and turn up with a nice picnic rug and a range of nibbles, with a big variety so you can be sure you'll have something you both like to eat. If neither of you are driving take something to drink and some flutes to drink it from.

The Cinema

If you are quite shy and a little unsure of how much you'll have to say on your first date then the cinema could be an ideal first date. It won't help you open up lines of communication but you can let the film do the talking so you don't have to.

Ice Skating

Another potential ice breaker, sure to be good fun, and to involve a lot of hand holding if you are both a little wobbly on your feet. Outdoor ice skating is often available at certain times of year in the UK and is even more romantic at night.

Posted on 2nd Feb 2012