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There are many different ways to find love, some of which have been the same for hundreds of years and some ways which are slightly more modern. Whilst in an ideal world you'll meet the love of your life in your everyday life, in reality that may not be possible.

Many people find that their opportunity to meet new people starts to evaporate as they get older, and they also see opportunities to go out get less frequent as their friends start to settle down before them and spend more time with their other halves.

Whilst those who hadn't found love before could have turned to the newspaper personals column, that was often seen as a last resort, or a form of desperation. Then came online dating, which initially had a reputation of being very similar.

As time has gone by, the taboo associated with online dating has gradually disappeared as the practice has become not only more popular but also more successful. Some estimates in the US suggest that around 10% of all marriages in the country are as a result of couples who have met online.

Now, online dating is more popular than ever, and it is the opportunity to meet thousands of other single people in a similar boat to you that draws more and more users in.

Here at WeDating we have gone one step further and even offer our customers free registration, allow them to set up their profile and add a photo for free, search for other members they like the look of and even to send them a wink. Only when you find the person you like do you then have to register, and by that point you will be happy to pay to meet the person of your dreams.

You'll also find that the cost of online dating is far less than the cost of going out every weekend hoping to meet someone, which is far less likely, and with the cost of food, drink and taxis likely far more expensive.

Posted on 2nd Feb 2012