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With Christmas and New Year having just passed, everyone who is single will have been reminded of the fact. Whilst Christmas will provide people with a reminder that they are alone, with family and friends around Christmas can still be an enjoyable time. Valentine's Day is often a totally different matter, and many people find that the huge commercialisation of Valentine's Day merely rubs their face in it.

There could be another solution however, and it comes in the form of online dating. You could find love before Valentine's Day, and have that special someone to share the romantic day with.

WeDating provides customers with an online dating platform which will help those customers find love, completely free of charge.

New members are invited to join WeDating where they will be asked to fill in their profile page, and to add a photo. Their profile page will act as a form of advert for themselves, and is a great way to tell other members about their likes and dislikes and hobbies.

Members are then free to browse other members photographs and profiles. You can search by location, or even use the advanced search features to search by interest or height.

Once you have found someone you may be interested in, you can message them completely on the site, so you don't have to reveal your phone number or email address until you are ready to do so.

Online dating used to have a taboo associated with it, but has quickly become one of the most popular ways for people to meet, and the huge choice, the ease of use and the fact that you get to meet people you may not come across through your everyday life makes the concept all the more interesting.

With thousands of members already registered, join today for free, and you'll be able to find someone who could be your valentine's date, making the day less lonely and possibly starting a whole new chapter of your life at the same time.

Posted on 18th Jan 2012