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The last Monday in January is recognised as the happiest Monday of the year, just a week and a half after the most depressing day of the year, mostly because nearly everyone will have been paid by today.

With many people getting paid just before Christmas in December because of the way the bank holidays and festive break means paying just after Christmas is impossible, they have had to wait the longest period during the year until their next payday, which makes them so much happier when they finally do get paid and get some relief from having no money.

The day is also seen as being happy for another reason, with many people booking their holiday for the summer during the weekend, in what travel agents have described as being their busiest weekend of the year.

Whilst summer holidays often go very quickly when we are actually on them, many people believe that the period looking forward to a summer holiday can get them through the dark winter days at work and this is another reason why people are so happy today.

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Posted on 30th Jan 2012