Budget Dating ideas for Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's Day now just a few weeks away, many people will be looking at ways to spend time with the person they love. This year, more than ever, money is tight, and with government cuts and price increases almost everywhere, more and more people are starting to feel the pinch and will be trying to save money in any way they can.

That's why here at WeDating we don't charge for our online dating services, and offer a totally free dating service. We've also come up with a list of budget dating ideas for Valentine's Day, so you can show that you love someone without breaking the bank.

Move the night

One of the most effective ways of saving money this year is to celebrate Valentine's Day on a different night. Valentine's Day falls on the Tuesday this year, which is hardly the easiest night of the week to share romance, especially when surrounded by a week of work, so you can save money by celebrating at one of the weekends either side, or even on a different day of the week.

One of the biggest reasons this will save you money is that restaurants, bars, and nearly every date location will increase their prices on Valentine's Day, because they know that they will still be busy.

Stay in

Whilst going out for a nice meal may be something you've done for Valentine's Day in the past, essentially it can be very expensive. By the time you've paid for a taxi to get to and from the restaurant, paid for dinner and drinks, you can easily have spent over £50 or £60, and with the cost of a babysitter for some as well, going out is expensive.

You can save a small fortune by staying in. You can make your lounge and dining room more romantic by tidying up during the day, adding candles around the place and dimming the lights. You can then cook up a storm yourself, or use one of the many supermarkets pre prepared luxury dishes, which you just throw in the oven. Add a bottle of wine, or takeaway if you don't want to cook at all and you can have a romantic meal at home.

Rent or buy a movie to watch afterwards and you can have a really romantic and enjoyable Valentine's night without leaving the house.

Posted on 23rd Jan 2012