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What does a woman look for in a man

OK, you've bought the new shirt, put on the aftershave, taken a second look in the mirror and are feeling confident you can sweep her off her feet with your charm and good looks. If only it were that easy. What does a woman look for in a man? A complicated question that could go on forever as everyone is different and one man's meat is another man's poison so they say. Bu...
Posted on 28th Jun 2011

What does a man look for in a woman

Meeting that someone special can be so easy if that person just happens along but if you are looking for a new relationship it can sometimes be a minefield of knowing what to do to make that right impression. If you are a woman looking for that special new man in your life, it can help to know what qualities a man looks for in a woman. Of course, everyone is different, but ...
Posted on 27th Jun 2011

How to Dress on a First Date

Dressing for that all important first date can be a daunting prospect, that can simply leave us tearing our hair out. We are all looking for our perfect mate, but we all know how important that first impression is and it often comes down to looks. We often make snap judgements about someone from appearance, posture and the way we move. First dates are, for most of us, a terr...
Posted on 25th Jun 2011

Tips for Dating

When it comes to dating, there are no hard and fast rules but there are some essential facts that should be considered before embarking on that all important first date. Everyone is different, and there are no guarantees that your date will go well. Whether you are new to the dating scene or an experienced veteran, there are a few pieces of advice that everyone can benefit fr...
Posted on 23rd Jun 2011

How To Create an Effective Dating Profile

OK, you have at last found the courage to take a positive step into a happier future and decided to join an on-line dating site. A great move, you are now a member, have downloaded your photographs and, oh no, now have to face the daunting task of posting your dating profile. Dating profiles not only say a lot about you, they are also what inspires you to want to contact an...
Posted on 21st Jun 2011

We Dating

We Dating combine all the sweetest things in life bringing you a box of opportunities for you to make friends, chat, flirt, view pictures and videos and hopefully meet the love of your life. We Dating is free to register and is fun and easy to use making your time with us as enjoyable as opening a box of chocolates. At We Dating we know how meeting the right person can be lik...
Posted on 20th Jun 2011