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Women Shouldn't Hesitate to Send the First Message

Online dating has become especially popular today. It should be noted that dating sites are visited by different people. Some people go to online dating sites to find friends or just to have conversation. Online dating websites provide their users with a splendid opportunity to find people with the same interests. Nevertheless, the main part of people is looking for serious rel...
Posted on 17th Aug 2011

Can Men and Women Just be Friends?

Many people think that friendship between women and men is a myth. There are many arguments about this. In fact, there are several types of people. There are people, who have or had friendship between women and men and they treat it normally. There are also people, who have never had such friendship. Usually, these people treat the friendship between women and men suspiciously....
Posted on 17th Aug 2011

Honesty is the Best Policy

Online dating can be quite daunting, especially if you have never dated online before. Writing a profile can be challenging, and finding the right words that describes you as an interesting person who stands out from the crowd makes the average person hold their head in their hands wondering where to start. So what makes a good profile? Undoubtedly, honesty is the best polic...
Posted on 26th Jul 2011

Dating Someone Older

They say age is but a number but when it comes to relationships does it have an impact when dating someone significantly older? In today's society, it is becoming more common to have a loving relationship with a significant age difference. Dating someone older used to come with the stigma of being a gold digger, especially if your partner had money. Today, people often dat...
Posted on 25th Jul 2011

Dating Someone Younger

Is it possible to have a lasting relationship with someone significantly younger than yourself? Of course it is. Take a look around at many of the famous celebrities who are often married to a partner who is considerably younger than they are. But is this the real world? We are not celebrities, and real life with its stresses and strains takes a greater toll on relations...
Posted on 24th Jul 2011

Friend or Soulmate

Friend or Soulmate, what is the difference, can a friend become your soulmate? A soulmate is someone who you have an immediate connection with. Your soulmate understands and connects with you on every level, bringing you a sense of completeness when you are around them. A soulmate will enhance your life, making you more aware of how good life can be. When they are not aroun...
Posted on 22nd Jul 2011

Dating in London

London is a fun City with lots to do, whatever hour of the day, rain or shine, London has something for everyone. Dating in London is the perfect place to get to know someone and share interests and experiences. So, when heading to London for a date, instead of finding the nearest drinking establishment, why not try something different. There is something to suit all tastes,...
Posted on 21st Jul 2011

Finding that Special Person

From a young age, most of us dream of finding that special person, our soul mate, the one that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Romantic stories and magazines are filled with real-life love stories and your friends, family or everyone else seem to be finding love except you. Do you feel like you are getting nowhere and you are having no luck in meeting people who ...
Posted on 20th Jul 2011

Living Longer, Staying Healthy, Finding Love

Dating and finding love doesn't only have to be associated with the glamorous image of the whirlwind romances of the young twentysomethings, it is now official, 40 is the new 20, we are all living longer, staying healthy and loving life well into our later years so finding love in our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond is now a part of everyday life. It is now official; Britons are livi...
Posted on 18th Jul 2011

What not to do on a date

When it comes to dating, there are no hard and fast rules, and the most important rule is to be yourself and enjoy each other's company and hopefully everything else will fit comfortably into place. Sometimes it isn't that simple and to make sure your dates has a fighting chance, there are some things you should avoid if you want your date to be a success. Playing it Cool...
Posted on 29th Jun 2011