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UK Dating

UK dating through online dating sites has meant regulations about UK businesses apply to dating sites, whether free or not, in addition to the offline businesses. The advertising watchdog, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), has reviewed UK dating sites to ensure that those looking for love in the UK find what it is they are looking for.

Under Review

Online UK dating is not always what it is cracked up to be. A UK dating website called Veggie Dates promised to help find single men and women looking for love. However, after the watchdog became involved, the UK dating site was closed down, as it was forced to admit that most of the people who had signed up were not vegetarians at all, but meat eaters.

The company said that the database had been shared by several UK dating websites and said that the majority of members were non-vegetarian and non-vegan. However, the UK dating site says it is not in breach of any advertising regulations, as it never said "only" anywhere on the site. The ASA claimed that due to the vegetarian references, the site had been misleading though it has not used that word. It has since changed its tagline to read "single people who lead a healthy lifestyle".

Veggie Dates had shared its database with parent company and UK dating site, Global Personals and claimed it had no way to filter this database into the Veggie Dates site. However, the site still claimed it was a place to meet vegetarians, before the tag line was changed.

Other Funky Sites

Veggie Dates is not the only UK dating site that is unusual. While most are fairly normal, with areas for singles and some for seniors, there are some very unusual ones. For example, a site called Uniform Dating caters to the uniform fetishes of many men and women, allowing people to meet singles in uniform and for singles in uniform to meet other site members as well.

In addition, you can be a reader of a particular newspaper, such as the Guardian or the Telegraph, and you will be able to use their dating service for UK dating. It is widely known that the newspaper you read, reflects your political opinion, with the Guardian being known for being in the middle, and the dating sites for these newspapers means that those who share similar interests and viewpoints can meet and begin to have a relationship.