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Single Women

Single women feature in romantic comedies as neurotic but loveable beauties looking for the right man to come along and turn them from that librarian to the gorgeous diva inside. Stereotypically, single women are more prone to needing online dating sites than men and are more insane, though never creepy.

Picky Women

A survey during National Pet Peeve week discovered that single women have more dating pet peeves than men. The biggest pet peeve is when the date is too "smelly" closely followed by being preoccupied with a mobile phone. The study also discovered that single women are more likely to turn down a second date than men are.

Due to the financially difficult times, more single women have been using taglines in searches for love such as "affluent" or "wealthy" to describe potential partners. To do this, more single women have spent a great deal of time on online dating profiles, making sure it shows them in their best light. However, it is important not to lie on these sights, as people will only be disappointed when they eventually catch the lie out - and they will catch it out.

The Search for Prince Charming

Increasingly, single women using online dating sites are looking for men who are wealthy, handsome, and have high values, a virtual Prince Charming. In addition, single women have been using speed dating when they finally do meet their matches, in order to get through the nerve wracking first date. With this tactic, you can use your lunch hour for a date, citing an excuse of an important business meeting if the men you meet are not up to scratch.

These single women say that their reasons behind the new movement include studies throughout the years that reveal humans have knowledge of whether they are attracted to someone within the first three minutes of meeting them. In this light, those single women who use speed dating to get through the meeting stage know if they want to continue right away.

Though the information has pointed to women wanting handsome and wealthy men, if the men are overweight but also loaded, then they will still accept them, though women are just as likely as men to prefer slim and wealthy partners.

Women are increasingly picky over the men they choose, and while it may be down to the recession necessitating prospective partners to be wealthy, it is more likely that single women have always been picky but are finally taking a stand.