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Mature Dating

There has been an increase in the number of people using dating sites who are over the age of 50. With many people in the dating world waiting later and later to get in a serious relationship anyway, mature dating sites have become extremely popular. This has been known by some, as the rise of the "silver surfer", in both an attempt to describe those with grey hair surfing the Internet and the use of the name of the comic book character.

Mature Dating Most Popular

Mature dating has, in fact, become more popular than other online dating, with people over 55 increasing by 39% over the past three years. With divorce rates higher among people of this age group, people are generally more interested in finding a compatible partner through the use of mature dating sites, rather than the whirlwind romance associated with younger daters.

In addition to its popularity, mature dating has become something of a success story in the online dating world. Those using mature dating sites seem to have more success than those who meet their online partners at a younger age. It is believed that they are influenced by the focus of the relationship. Those over 50 are more interested in finding a partner they share a common interest with or can live with and make decisions with, rather than finding someone they would like to marry and start a family with.

No Body Clock

Those who are in their twenties or thirties seem to feel the need to settle down rather than focus on finding someone they will spend the rest of their lives with. The focus is on the family rather than the partner, and this can sometimes lead to rash decisions, which might lead to a divorce down the road or mean that the online relationship never takes off in the first place. Those who use mature dating sites often take their time to get back into the dating game and are more careful than their younger counterparts, meaning that mature dating can potentially build a better foundation.

Some who use mature dating can find it difficult to begin dating again, especially if it has been a while since they were a part of the dating game. Mature dating sites can help through offering advice and help to those struggling to figure out the world of Internet dating. In addition, mature dating sites have the incredible bonus of marketing to a specific group of people, gaining in popularity due to this fact alone.