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Dating Agency

Internet dating is the latest form of a dating agency. Dating agencies began in England and Wales in the 18th century when men and women would classify themselves into three classes, and describe themselves based upon how much money they earned or could have as a dowry. The system evolved into more classifications, with five classes in the 19th century.

Many people meet dates at social groups. However, the next form of dating agencies, newspaper personal ads became big after World War II and were used up until the Internet took over as a dating agency. Newspaper ads were very succinct and usually would state who the person was and who they were looking for with a telephone number to call.

Safer Ways Through The Web

The Internet has given us a dating agency that is much safer and less embarrassing than either of the previous options. For those naysayers who say that Internet dating is a new craze that allows people who never could have met people before find someone, the history of the dating agency proves that it has always been around in one form or another and people of all "classifications" have used it.

If you feel the need to use a dating agency to find someone, you should know you are not alone or unusual. Many people use dating agencies now and many have always done so in order to find someone, because basically, finding someone you are truly compatible with is difficult in this world and some of us need a little bit of help.

A Successful Way To Find Love

Dating agencies have many success stories, with people finding their true love through matching the right profile or, as in the past, finding someone through the newspaper. Once you find that special someone, it doesn't matter if you have used a dating agency to find them - only that they are in your life. In fact, partners found through a dating agency can often be more compatible than those found in other ways, as everything will have been taken into account to ensure they are the right person before you actually meet them.

Falling in love with someone you find on a dating agency website is completely standard in this day and age, with many children these days from parents who met through a dating agency. It has become normal rather than taboo or strange and if the history of the dating agency is anything to go by, you should be sure that it will be around for a long time.